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What is high uric acid? A high uric acid level, or hyperuricemia, is an excess of uric acid in your blood. Once produced, uric acid is carried in your blood and passes through your kidneys, where most of it is filtered out into the urine.
How can I reduce uric acid naturally? In this article, learn about eight natural ways to lower uric acid levels. Limit purine-rich foods. Eat more low-purine foods. Avoid drugs that raise uric acid levels. Maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks. Drink coffee. Try a vitamin C supplement. Eat cherries.
Which juice is good for uric acid? Consume berries, especially strawberries and blueberries. Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, including them in your diet is beneficial to prevent high uric acid levels in blood. Have carrot juice and add beetroot juice and cucumber juice in it. This is an effective remedy to treat high uric acid in blood.
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